Jenny Anne Mannan

American Songstress

Pleasant Surprises

10th August 2011

You know that 9:30 am feeling? The one where you've had too much coffee, not enough breakfast, not enough sleep, and you wish you had more to show for your morning?

And then you suddenly realize you haven't heard from your children in awhile. The constant barrage of chatter has fallen silent for, like, 6 minutes. This can't be good. If you're like me, your dread of the worst case scenario is rivaled by your guilt at how much time you just spent window shopping fall boots on The kids could be feeding their baby brother Legos. They could be splashing in the bit of wet carpet at the bottom of the stairs where the air conditioner leaked. They could be cutting each others hair. They could be expressing their creativity all over the white walls of the antique kitchen. What does it matter that stiletto workboots are on trend for fall? There is surely a reckoning just around the corner.

And then you could peek your head around the corner and see this.

Or this.

Being prepared for the worst case scenario is a bona fide occupational qualification for motherhood. And sometimes, it makes you feel silly.

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