Jenny Anne Mannan

American Songstress

Sunlight Basin

15th September, 2011


Last weekend I drove for hours and hours and hours. Then I drove some more. I took 2 of my kids (which felt weird), and my mom, and my grandma and my aunt, and drove all the way to Cody, Wyoming. I'm not gonna lie. There were moments when I wondered why in the world my sweet, beautiful cousin chose to have her wedding so far away from my shipping address. But then we got there.



This landscape, so rugged and wild, made me feel very small.

Seriously, why didn't I just bring all 3 of my kids and my husband and find a convenient place to camp for the rest of the year? Sure it might get awkward once those fabled fall winds kick up, but would we really even notice?

During the wedding, Waylon threw a shoe, kicked back, and enjoyed the scenery from his perch.


He also threw out the vibe and laid it back while the ladies checked him out. (That's my cousin Sarah's angel-baby, Quinne).


Violet played with rocks and posed.



My heart skipped some beats.


It was a magical wedding, and an unforgettable trip. My cousin, the bride, looked like a mountain fairy. I was honored to be a witness to a such an inspired, sincere, and heartfelt ceremony.


I did make it home to Caleb and Tennessee and our house. But we should probably go back soon. It does a soul some good to feel so very small.

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