Jenny Anne Mannan

American Songstress

Valentine's Day, Then and Now

That was then.

This is now.


Birdsong Sunrise

By Caleb Joshua Mannan, Valentine's Day, 2011

For Jenny Anne, my Valkyrie
Birdsong sunrise,
over these hills unto mine eyes
like my Valkyrie rises.
She rises as the sun, clothed in light,
yea, my Valkyrie arises.
With babes about her garlanded,
and swaddled to her breast,
as the sun she rises.
The birds, they sing as angels,
the birds they sing for she.
Like my sun she rises,
My Valkyrie to me.

I have seen the blackness,
Yea, I have seen the crows.
Yet I have seen the valley
Where within my lover grows.

I have seen the valley,
The valley of Hamon Gog.
Therein lay the bodies
Littered by my wrongs.

Yet I have seen the sunrise
Lifting o’er the dark
And my lover astride a white horse
Bearing the Savior’s mark.


He’s good with words. I love him. I love our story, even the parts that are dark and scary and painful and sad. Because, by his side, I have experienced love, and joy, and redemption that I never knew I needed, and that I never dreamed was possible. We are growing together, growing out of something broken into something interesting and unique and whole and beautiful.

And that IS something to celebrate.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe.


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