Jenny Anne Mannan

American Songstress

A Wednesday List

1. Dirt Monsters. That's what they call themselves. As I stood, dumbstruck, looking at the dirt-powdered (white!) pants, I could tell they were afraid of the consequences of their decision. A carefully controlled "Wait outside" was all I could manage. As they tittered toward the back door, I heard Dirt Monster #1 whisper to Dirt Monster #2, "I think she's going to punish us!"


2. She's really tall. It's happening so fast.


3. So is he.


4. Bruiser. I'm trying to get used to having an adventurous baby. Aside from the constant high alert that he might seriously injure himself with his ambition to climb every mountain and ford every stream, I'm also trying to adjust to the disapproving looks of sweet old ladies in the supermarket who are sure I'm to blame for the shiner on his head.


5. This morning my eldest said to my baby, "Sorry the strawberries are gone, old chap."

6. That made me want to read PG Wodehouse.

7. I've got stuff to do man, but what with managing Dirt Monsters and Bruisers, I suspect my To Do list will remain a Wish List for a little while longer.

8. The sun is shining and my List doesn't matter much.

Happy Wednesday!

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