Jenny Anne Mannan

American Songstress

Journey's End

The sixth and final day of our pilgrimage was also June Dixie's birthday. We had a little celebration before we broke camp, and she was thrilled to 'have my birthday in the trailer!' 


Travel-friendly gifts only! 


After she opened her presents, she snuggled into her spot with her new dolly (next to a newly acquired bin containing most of the aforementioned Backseat Disaster). 


We crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky, every mile taking us further into the land of Mark Twain, Wendell Berry, and John Hartford.  


The gently sloping farm fields were separated by creeks and rivers as often as fences, and as we drove it was impossible not to picture Jayber Crow paddling down to the Chatham's farm...

Then we finally crossed the Tennessee state line!  


60 miles further and we saw the Nashville skyline!  


...and a little way south of town to Nana's house!  

The luck of the Griswolds was with us up until the very last moment of the trip, right through the too-tight right turn into the driveway, scraping the side of the trailer on one of the gate-posts...but I didn't take a picture of that because I was too busy greeting Mom and John and the sibs. 


Everyone was relieved to finally have room to stretch their limbs, and a genuine sofa on which to recline. 


And June put on her birthday dress while Nana served up pizza... 


and cake...


At the end of day 6, we'd crossed 10 states, traveled 2,284 miles, and made too many memories to count. Now that we're here, parts of our trip already seem surreal...but you and I both know it all really happened! 

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